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trip to the duomo museum

same day as the duomo, right next door

This is a quick little entry.
We went to the duomo museum after and looked at pieces of the facade and drawings as well as statues.
The museum is very interesting and there is a lot to see.



These drawing were very interesting. They are a series of drawings competing for the design of the facade of the structure. You can see differences and even where changes were made.
When looking at them you can als see sections of the restoration of some of the pieces.

This one actually has some sketches of ideas and where it would change.
The following one has a more finalized idea.

Here is a sculpture of Adam and Eve.

And this last piece is by Michelangelo. It was one of the last peices he had done and one that is breathtaking.
It is a version of a Pieta and one where he added himself as the figure of Nicodemus. He is holding up chrsit. It is also an unfinished piece which gives it another dimension.
Michelangelo intended for this to be his own tomb marker.
Will continue soon.............

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Trip to the duomo

first trip to the duomo

This entry is one that many would say should be a first stop for anyone going to Florence. Only problem is Florence is very much full of tourists during july, august and september. As it dies down towards the end of the month it is much more enjoyable to see things and experience.
I'm not here to only take in the sites, but learn as well so I would to be able to observe and explore at a slower pace.

With that said our graduate class headed to the duomo to hike to the top.
Now there are multiple ways you can see the duomo. You can just walk in the front doors and observe from the inside, or you can hike to the very top of the Dome itself.
We hiked to the top.
The hike up is a total of 486 steps. (woohoo)
There is on elevator so never ask for one. LOL.

The trek up is entertaining. There are sections where it is a straight staircase, mostly the beginning sections until it takes you to a scaffolding along the inner rim of the dome.
Once you get to this spot the above picture is the view you will get when you look up. It is fascinating. I highly recommend that you read Dante's divine comedies before viewing it. It will bring another dimension to the experience and allows you to understand the scenes and the characters more.
(more on this later)
Once you enter inside again the trek up begins with the stairs spiraling. Now this section is small and narrow. And very dizzying.
Once at the top it is very rewarding though.

Here are a few of my classmates talking about ummmm. Dunno really. But the picture allows for some perspective.
Here is one view from the top.
This picture is Emily, Angela and myself standing at the rail.

The last 2 pictures are of Lorenzo telling us about different events surrounding the duomo and his art. Then last one there is where we are waiting to go down the steps. One set of steps down. Steep. lol

Then you begin the descent. It is the same steps for a bit. Kinda feel like sardines passing those going up but then it branches off and you are back inside on the scaffolding.
Now the pictures here have some details and also some information about the current condition ofthe dome.
This is the very top section of the Dome. It was done by Vasari all the up until his death. The perspective is breathtaking. This is all Frescoe and frescoe is a form where you work from the top to the bottom. You are painting on wet plaster so it is very difficult to work the whole piece at one time.
When Vasari died a set of brothers took over. Currently at a loss for the names but it will hit me prob when I go to bed. HA.
This is a funny view but you can see in this the crack that goes from the base of the dome and actually all the way to the top.
Here is a detail of the ceiling. This is a section of hell as well as purgatory.

Then you continue your trek down and finally get to the bottom and are able to exit.

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hiking and taking the long way


So it has been a while since I have made an entry and I have done a lot and seen a lot since then.
The second weekend here our graduate proff. had us meet by his home to go for a hike.
We would be hiking from the edge of firenze up to Fiesole. Fiesole is a small town up on top of the hills
overlooking the valley.
This is the view from the very beginning of the hike.
Our hike would be on one of the old roads to Fiesole. Current traffic is on a paved road that makes multiple switchbacks on its way up to the top.
The path that we took was mostly straight up.
These were also much older streets and cobblestone. Very beautiful homes the whole way up.

The path up we went through a small town called San Domenico. We visited a Domenican church and learned a bit about the difference in colored habits for priests and the different churches in the area.

Continuing on our hike got steeper and there was about halfway to the top a spot that had wonderful views. Kind of a small taste of the view from the top.


These are all views of the valley where florence and the edge of prato can be seen.
In the second picture if you look close you can see the duomo.

We continued our hike up and finally got to the town. It took us about 2 hours of hiking straight up.
This first picture is of the center of town. It is small but very much worth seeing and eating in. Had a wonderful pizza for lunch.

We hiked just a bit further to a spot that our proff. Lorenzo said is one that lovers can walk because at the end is a beautiful little park and a spot for unbelievable sunsets.
Here is the view.

After we wondered around we took a bus back down and it dropped us off next to the duomo and were about 2 blocks from home.
(will add a blog about the current residence soon)

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First Week

005.jpgFinally in Italy. Got here on the 2nd and am working on getting myself oriented to my surroundings. Orientation was a bit of a let down. Didn’t learn much outside of what was already given to you in information online and in the packets through the mail. Got to the post office to pay my permit of stay, paid my insurance as well this morning. Met a few people that are great fun to talk to. Rooming with 3 other girls. No problems with the rooming situation. So far it is great. The city is really amazing. Biggest tip I have had when it comes to shopping and getting items is to try to speak a little Italian. You get much further by attempting, people are friendlier and you can get better deals some places. Ordered Gelatto last night and was told to pick more flavors to add and price did not change. They were really friendly. So far the best meal was just a simple salami and pimento sandwich with roasted tomatoes and artichoke hearts.

Have wandered around a bit so far. Haven’t stopped anywhere yet. Plan to do some of that this weekend. Today I want to catch up on some sleep briefly. Then make dinner and walk around. After6 it is quieter and more peaceful. Much easier to see things and try and find your way around the city.
Gives you also a whole different viewpoint. Very beautiful at night and relaxed.
Hiked up to Michelangelo’s plaza. Amazing view of the city from there. A really nice hike and one I highly recommend, especially for the view. The bronze replica of the David is amazing to see as well. 013.jpg
After hiking Up I hiked back down and continued along the Arno. Crossed and went to see Santa Croche. The church is amazing to see. Classes start on Monday.That will be a bigger day and a longer day.

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getting ready

So I am really just getting ready for the first year of many for traveling and learning around the world.
Starting in september I will be attending school in Italy for the arts. Working on drawing. I'll be living in Florence and breathing art every minute of the day.

My plans are to explore all of Florence, as much of the country of Italy as possible, and make excursions into countries all around Italy.
A trip into France, switzerland, and more.

Those are my goals.

So we will see how it goes.
Really ready to go now.

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